Bench remembers pupil who died from anaphalactic shock and asthma

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A PUPIL at Southdown Junior School in Newhaven who died last year from a combination of anaphalactic shock and asthma, was remembered with this bench.

Haydn Wileman was just nine-years-old when he died after suddenly developing a peanut allergy.

Mum Emma thanked the school and community for their support and thanked people for offers to raise funds for Haydn’s Wish (

She said: “I don’t want to scare people because Haydn was an extreme case and it was extremely rare for such a reaction to happen. But there is still the fact that parents need to be aware of what to look out for.”

Emma said Haydn had eaten nuts his whole life, and had even eaten whole peanuts, but never displayed any signs of an allergy until September 7, when he died after eating breakfast cereal.

Haydn’s Wish, set up by his parents, will raise awareness of the links between childhood asthma and potentially fatal allergies and raise money for research at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Emma said of Haydn, who enjoyed reading, gardening and, golf: “He had a brilliant imagination. He was such a happy soul and very special.”

Since his death the school has held an asthma awareness day.