‘Bev Gang’ graffiti clue to raid on llama park

Bobby Schuck next to the graffiti tag
Bobby Schuck next to the graffiti tag

Sussex Police are linking two Sussex burglaries where a ‘Bev Gang’ graffiti tag was left.

Officers received a report of a break-in and graffiti at The Llama Park, Wych Cross.

A police spokesman said: “We received a report of a break-in, believed to have been between 6.30pm Friday (January 4) and 8.25am Saturday (January 5). Money and IT equipment were reported stolen.

“The graffiti tag is believed to be linked to another incident in Highbrook on December 29 where a quad bike was also stolen. Information on either incident, please report online or call 101 quoting 320 of 05/01.”

In a statement on Sussex Crimewatch Facebook page, Llama Park boss Bobby Schuck said: “We were robbed on Saturday morning at 00:40. They were quite brazen and must have made a lot of noise ... but I heard nothing and no neighbours did either.

“They tried to get in through the main entrance, broke exterior glazing and attacked a second door before gaining entrance through a third door into the gift shop. They stole an iPhone, till, entered the main shop and opened the first door, a store room, dismantled and damaged the internet server, moved to the next door, an office door, opened it and saw the safe and stole that. They left a £1,500 Macintosh computer worth £750 on the second hand market sitting next to the safe and stole no clothes, computers or jewellery from the shop.

“They broke open four sheds in our workshop area and feed store and tried to get into the drug cabinet, the workshop, then the quad bike shed and stole the chainsaw and strimmer and 40 litres of petrol, but left the quad bike, and then the lawn mower shed and stole nothing.

“All doors were smashed, locks and heavy duty bolts broken and graffiti sprayed with the name ‘Bev Gang’.”