Beware of greasy roads as autumn sets in, say Sussex Police

Drivers need to beware of increased braking times due to greasier roads as autumn begins, Sussex Police warned this week.

Through the dry summer Sussex roads have absorbed dust and engine oil, covering them in a film of dirt which has not yet been washed away.

When it rains, or even when there is dampness in the air, the roads will be greasy to drive on.

In addition, the sun is lower in the sky than in the summer, meaning drivers are more likely to be dazzled by its brightness or by glare off the roads.

Senior forensic collision investigator Colin O’Neill, of Sussex Police, said: “Conditions have changed. The roads might look the same as last month but they are different to drive on.

“The greasy conditions mean extra care is needed when braking or cornering in particular.

“Don’t assume you will have the same levels of grip on the roads - you might not have.”

Inspector Carl Knapp, from the force’s road policing unit, said: “Now is the time to check the tread on your tyres.

“You need all the grip you can get in these conditions so if they are getting close to the safe limit get them replaced now.

“Drive slower, take care on the slippery roads and be prepared to stop if you cannot see ahead safely because of the sun.

“Please take extra care and make sure you complete your journey safely. It’s better to be a few minutes late than end up in hospital.”

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To report motorists driving antisocially visit or call 101. If you see vehicles being driven dangerously call police on 999.