Bexhill author’s Message of Love set to inspire

First- time Bexhill author Dawn Cummins has shared her life’s journey in her book Message of Love.

Transformational healer and spiritual teacher Dawn said helping others transform their lives is very rewarding and writing her book was a natural progression on her journey. “I had all this love bubbling up inside of me, which motivated me to want to reach out to even more people and share my story. My journey has definitely been about love and worthiness. So to inspire others, giving them hope, enabling them to find their uniqueness, will be a true gift.”

A qualified counsellor, psychotherasist, life coach and Reiki master, Dawn said personal and Spiritual development was important as she wanted to help others, adding: “But my belief also was practitioner heal thyself.”

Reaching out to more people and making a difference is Dawn’s main goal, and she hopes that her book will go a long way to achieving that goal. “By helping people to realise they too are born with their own charisma, that being, they can feel inspiration, passion and enthusiasm for life.”

Dawn said though there are many books about love she believes hers is distinctive. “Of course the message of my book is about Love! I feel mine is authentic and unique to myself exuding love & positivity, which will allow others to feel, giving them the courage to embrace who they truly are.

“If others felt inspired to share their stories and make a commitment to themselves after reading my book, it would be a special achievement for myself.”

Message of Love is published by Panoma Press and is available on Amazon at £10.99.