‘Big and bold’ to mark South Street Bonfire Society’s centenary

South Street Bonfire Society
South Street Bonfire Society

As it is South Street Bonfire Society’s centenary year spectators on November 5 can expect an extra spectacular show this year.

They have not one, not even two, but three street pieces to take on parade through the streets, including one made by 11 youngsters aged three to 11 for the children’s procession.

As usual, the themes are being kept a closely guarded secret until the big day but president Dilly Barlow said they were ‘big and bold’ to mark their 100th year.

And apparently the Bishop has made himself an ‘extraordinary’ costume with an exceptionally large hat.

With the help of four visiting societies - Hastings, Nevill, Fletching and Rye - there will be 6,000 torches, the majority made out of the original tow as South Street members still have that skill to hand.

Four bands will include the Expedient Jazz Band, pipes and drummers.

The parade will be led by the Pioneer Chief with the First Pioneers in 18th century colonial costumes.

Also in the procession will be the Second Pioneers from the English Civil War.

If you fancy whetting your whistle during the evening pop into the Snowdrop where the society’s very own beer brewed by Harveys - Ale of the Century - can be found.

“As it is our centenary year, everything is going to be bigger, better and more wonderful than ever,” said Dilly.

“It will be our biggest firework display yet.”

After the procession, family orientated South Street has the earliest firework display at the fire site at the Railway Land at about 8.30 to 9pm.

South Street Juvenile Society was founded in 1913 by Tom Wheeler with just 15 or so children who lived mostly in South Street.