Bike thefts surge in Seaford

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AN INCREASE in bike thefts has been recorded in Seaford by Sussex Police so far this year.

More than 20 bicycles have been stolen in Lewes and Seaford combined, with the majority taken from outbuildings and sheds.

Last week burglars brazenly stole three bikes from two homes during daylight hours.

Sgt Chris Veale of Seaford Police said: “Many bikes are left unlocked and if stored in an outbuilding, these buildings can be insecure and isolated, usually away from houses and people who may see suspicious persons or activity.

“The police are exploring several different tactics to try and catch the criminals responsible for the thefts and local enquiries have highlighted certain people of interest.”

The first burglary took place in Sutton Avenue on Friday April 1 where two expensive bikes were taken.

One was a white “Myka Expert” specialised woman’s mountain bike, while the other is a white “specialised allez” sports men’s road racing bike.

Both have various identifying features so will be difficult to dispose of.

The second burglary also on April 1saw an expensive specialised bike being stolen from a lean to in Sherwood Road. The stolen bike was described as custom made, a Blue Marin Hawkhill frame, gold chain, carbon front forks, red wheel hubs, black metal pedals with gold axles, disk brakes.

The local neighbourhood policing team will be undertaking protective marking and crime prevention road shows will be taking place in the coming weeks.

Call PC Stuart Hyde CH991, Seaford NPT 0845 60 70 999 X61336 quoting serial 546 of 01/04/11.