Biker injured in Broad Oak crash thanks rescuers


A biker who survived a 60mph road crash at Broad Oak has been reunited with the Air Ambulance paramedic who helped save his life.

Father-of-two Nigel Quick, 54, from Tenterden, was returning home when he was in collision with a car on the A265 near Heathfield in April. He suffered a traumatic head injury and had to be given emergency treatment at the road-side by the helicopter’s doctor and paramedics before being flown to a specialist London hospital.

Nigel has since made an almost full recovery and recently met paramedic Karen Clarke for the first time since his accident in April.

He said: “I don’t remember a lot about that day except heading over to a biker’s café at Horam but I changed my mind and was coming back home. I was coming out of a 30mph limit into a national speed limit and there were a few cars in front of me. I started to overtake them. One of the cars was turning right but I didn’t see his indicator and as I went past he started his manoeuvre. I went down the side of his car and over his bonnet. flew through the air and landed in his drive.”

Nigel also suffered burst and fractured vertebrae, a Grade 1 spleen injury and three broken ribs. He had to be anaesthetised and placed in an induced coma by Karen and her colleagues Dr Matt Davenport and paramedic Charles Leahy to protect his brain from further injury.

Pilots Roger Sheridan and Nick Bramley flew Nigel to King’s College Hospital in London where scans confirmed he had a potentially fatal bleed in his brain.

The transfer time to the specialist neurological centre was 36 minutes – a journey that could have taken an hour-and-a-half by road. Nigel spent a month at King’s before being transferred to his local Kent and Canterbury hospital and was finally allowed home 10 days later.

He is still undergoing physiotherapy but is now back at work as a self-employed fruit importer and is planning to ride again.

He added: “I know how very lucky I am to still be walking and talking because I could have been a real burden on my family with the injuries I had. I do think that a lot now.”