Black cats overshadowed by colourful moggies

Dozens of unwanted black cats are waiting longer than ever to find new homes because would-be owners prefer more colourful moggies.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, in Chelwood Gate, currently has 53 black cats in its care, yet staff say they are often overlooked because potential owners are looking for tabby, ginger or tortoiseshell moggies.

The centre held its annual Black Cat Day event last week to raise their plight, yet staff say the problem is worse than ever with black cats accounting for more than a quarter of the 170 currently in its care.

Deputy manager Tania Marsh said: “Black cats have always been less popular than other colours, like gingers or tabbies, yet this year we seem to be really struggling to find new owners for them.

“We have many gorgeous, fun-loving and sweet-natured black cats in our care, but they get passed by time and time again.

“I’m really not sure why, but sadly it could be that they are seen as a bit boring when compared to tabbies, torties and gingers which are considered to have more interesting markings.

“It’s heartbreaking that we have so many black and black-and-white cats at the moment and we’re desperate to find loving homes for them before Christmas.”

Nationally, Cats Protection’s 257 volunteer-run branches and 30 adoption centres are currently looking after more than 6,200 cats. Around half of these are black or black and white and on average each of these cats waits around a week longer than other moggies to be rehomed.

Some of the black cats in the care of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre at the moment are:

Dougal: 12-year-old Dougal arrived at the centre in August and has been looking for a new owner ever since. Julian: Julian, 12, has had a tough life and now deserves a very special retirement home. He’s very friendly and would like a safe, secure and loving home. Mitten: Mitten will be 2 next month and all he wants for his birthday is a new owner. Mollie: Mollie has been at the centre since March and is now desperate for a lap to call her own. At 10-years-old she would need a calm home with no young children where she can enjoy plenty of fuss and attention.

The annual Black Cat Day event was held at the National Cat Adoption Centre on Sunday, November 3 when more than 600 visitors helped raise £1,370 for the cats in its care.

If you would like to find out more about adopting one of the black or black-and-white cats from Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, please contact 01825 741 330.