Blog: autumn arrives

Leopard DM boost.
Leopard DM boost.

Autumn is my favourite time of year.

The season of gold russet coloured trees shedding their cargo of leaves, spiders, Hallowe’en; a season spelt out in orange.

A warm, sunny day in autumn is a treat to be enjoyed; unlike summer, when you expect good weather but are usually disappointed.

However, much a warm day is a prize to be relished, I enjoy as much the windy, gusty days blowing the leaves and horse chestnuts down.

It also suits my wardrobe better as I much prefer snuggling up in leggings, baggy jumpers, pashminas and boots to shivering in skimpy summer dresses, that do not flatter my goose bumps.

It is also my annual excuse to buy new boots and coats.

Linda Matharu