Blue bangers could be banned Lewes Bonfire Council

LEWES Bonfire Council is to consider imposing a ban on the notorious ‘blue bangers’.

Secretary Roger Meyer confirmed this week that the matter would be on the agenda at the forthcoming annual meeting.

It follows concerns raised in the aftermath of Bonfire Night that the sheer power of the new-style explosives had caused distress.

One local resident, a long-time Bonfire devotee, said: “These new blue ones are like mortars going off.”

He said “idiots” in the crowd on November 5 tossed blue bangers into the fire barrels at the wake of processions – and the resultant dangerous showers of sparks sprayed onlookers.

“The once-popular less noisy red rookies have been replaced by aggressive new blue versions which are not only frighteningly loud and powerful but also randomly shoot burning cork-end plus out towards bystanders and participants alike,” he said.

A woman was struck in the face by firework debris while marching at the Lewes celebrations on The Fifth.

The Seaford Bonfire Society member has still not recovered the sight of one of her eyes.

Nearly 170 people required treatment for various injuries at last year’s event.