Bomber command memorial service at Beachy Head

The memorial service last year
The memorial service last year

Preparations are underway for the second Bomber Command Beachy Head ‘Mission Accomplished’ Memorial Service which is set to take place on Monday (May 5).

Around 55,573 men from RAF Bomber Command lost their lives in World War Two.

Thousands of them sacrificed their lives when they took part in the final mission to destroy Hitler’s Eagle Nest on April 26 in 1945.

The cliffs of Beachy Head was their last sight of England before they flew to attack Germany.

The families of lost airmen during World II will be laying wreaths and placing wooden crosses at the Beachy Head Memorial on Monday.

Members of the public will also be able to pay their respects to the 55,573 aircrew of Bomber Command.

The memorial was unveiled at the site in 2012 and it was decided from the on that an annual service would take place at the monument.

Bomber Command Beachy Head Committee, which worked tirelessly for five years to install the symbolic memorial, will be in attendance on the day.

The service is due to take place at 3pm and there will be welcome addresses by CEO of Bomber Command Beachy Head, Joe Williams, and Clinton Williams, followed by the Last Post.

A spokesman for the event said: “The young men of Bomber Command took the war to the enemy and so many did not return.

“They paid a high price and deserve a greater recognition and acknowledge of their sacrifice.

“On the 25th April 1945 Bomber Command carried out its last bombing attack, where they destroyed Adolf Hitler’s ‘Eagle’s Nest’ headquarters.

“That can truly be designated as ‘Mission Accomplished.’

“The men of Bomber Command served under the crest of the Royal Air Force, ‘Per Ardva Ad Astra’ ‘Through difficulty to the stars’.

“When we stand before our memorial we will remember the 55,573 young aircrew of Bomber Command who ‘sought and found their way to the stars. ‘We will remember them.’’

Visitors attending the Bomber Command Mission Accomplished Service are invited to place wreaths, small wooden crosses and other tributes.

Those unable to attend may wish to post their wreaths, cross or tribute to either Sqn Ldr. R. G. Holdstock R.A.F.V.R. (T) Rtd,13 Battle Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1DU or Jean Adams,Byways, Sayerlands, Polegate, East Sussex, BN25 6QP.

For further details contact CEO of Bomber Command Beachy Head, Joe Williams, on 01392 873011.