Bonfire society creates cheeky charity calendar for Cowbeech

Pictures by Sharon Hobden from SharonHPhotography.
Pictures by Sharon Hobden from SharonHPhotography.

A cheeky calendar featuring well known personalities from Cowbeech is now on sale in the village to help raise money for charity.

The Merrie Harriers Bonfire Society has produced a quirky calendar for 2014, inspired by the achievements of the Rylstone and District Women’s Insitute, who were the inspiration for the 2003 film, Calendar Girls.

The calendar features members of the Merrie Harrier Bonfire Society, the Tug-o-War team and other local personalities. It follows on from the success of the society’s first charity calendar in 2013 which depicted pictures of ‘Old Cowbeech’.

Leslie Webb, from the bonfire society, said: “Once the decision was made to produce another Cowbeech Calendar the next challenge was to identify suitable themes for consideration.

“We had more pictures of ‘Old Cowbeech’ but it was thought a change was needed if we were to sell sufficient quantities to make a profit for the good causes.

“The committee considered subjects such as buildings, horses, flowers and wildlife but no decision was made. The matter became a topic for general discussion and one of our supporters suggested that we produce a ‘Cheeky Calendar.’

“We put a committee member at the head of an action group to see the matter through to completion with responsibility for finding sponsors for each month and liaising with the printers. 3G Printing actually donated the full costs of production which was a most welcome surprise.

“As you could expect there were cases of ‘cold feet’ and second thoughts at the prospect of revealing all. What had seemed a really good idea on a Friday night after a few friendly drinks became a different matter in the sobering light of day.

“However fears were overcome and the Cowbeech Calendar project moved to completion in the latter days of October.

“The months of the year feature guys as well as gals with some humorous poses to help to counter any self-consciousness. Hopefully the calendar will sell out totally and this success will be a well-earned reward for all those who gave their time.”

Photographer Sharon Hobden said she was proud to have been associated with th eproject.

She thanked ‘all of the people who allowed me, a complete stranger, to most of them, to photograph them at their most vulnerable. I feel very privileged that you have all trusted me’.

You can buy the calendar from The Merrie Harriers pub, priced £6.