Bonfire spirit lives on in Uckfield

Bonfire societies on parade
Bonfire societies on parade

Everyone in Sussex knows once the Bonfire season is over, it’s time to start writing the Christmas shopping list.

Although the flames have only just died down from the most recent bonfire, members of all the county societies met again to take part in a long-standing Uckfield tradition.

The Sussex Association of Bonfire and Carnival Societies’ annual carol service took place on Sunday afternoon, December 14, at Holy Cross Church, Uckfield.

High Street shoppers stopped in their tracks as scores of brightly costumed Bonfire Society members paraded up the hill to the church.

Tudors, pirates, Cavaliers, pearly kings and queens, Uckfield’s own society members and the Lewes South Street ‘giants’ joined spectacularly-dressed bonfire colleagues from across the county to join in a lively carol service at Holy Cross.

Surprise of the day was Rev Martin Onions who emerged, resplendent, from the back of the church clad in full motor-cycle leathers complete with helmet. Martin delivered a thought provoking talk centred on the theme of speed.