Bonfire will be family friendly

South Heighton bonfire
South Heighton bonfire
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The tableau at this year’s Bonfire celebrations in South Heighton will have a link with Dr Who.

This is as much as South Heighton Bonfire Society’s chairman Roger Clayton will reveal about the tableau members have been busy building.

Although he also says it’s big - about ten and a half foot high.

And this is not the only giant construction to feature during the village’s celebrations.

There will be a 12 foot Guido who will be carried in the procession too.

The Guido is safe for now and won’t be burned at the fire site, but Roger jokes the society may get tired of him one day and burn him.

“His hat came off when he was being pulled around a corner. Last year he got hung up in the trees when we went to the fire site, so this year we are going to put him on his knees.”

The celebrations will take place on Saturday, November 9, beginning with a procession at 6.30pm at the Flying Fish in Denton.

Around 300 Bonfire Boys and Girls look set to take part in the procession, racing through 1,200 burning torches during the night. The pirates, barbarians and smugglers of South Heighton Bonfire Society will make their way through the village accompanied by visiting societies of Borough, Hailsham, Littlehampton, Firle, Maresfield and Eastbourne, Lindfield.

The procession will pause at the Hampden Arms in South Heighton and then head to the fire site at South Heighton Recreation Ground in The Hollow where the tableau and effigies will be blown up with a spectacular fireworks display and a bonfire will be lit.

The fireworks display should begin at around 8pm.

Chairman Roger Clayton said: “It’s a family friendly, traditional bonfire.”

And Roger also stressed there would be no rookies in the procession. To find out more about South Heighton Bonfire Society, or to find out about signing up visit