Bonfires, wrecks and car smashes


On Monday, March 16 fire crews from Crowborough and Uckfield were called to an early fire in electrical intake equipment at a Crowborough nursing home.

On the same day one crew were called to a large farm bonfire in Isfield.

Early the next day two Uckfield crews attended an electrical fire in a shop on the Manor Park estate where a staff member had successfully tackled the fire in an electric heater.

A couple had a shock when they returned from holiday to their Hempstead Fields home at 11pm to find the kitchen badly damaged by fire. Two crews attended and inspected the scene. While there was fire, heat and smoke damage to the kitchen and dining area, the fire had burnt itself out through a lack of oxygen as windows and doors were closed.

On March 18 at 6.15pm an Uckfield crew covered Haywards Heath while their one spare crew joined Brighton colleagues to deal with a road crash in Burgess Hill. While there Uckfield’s crew were sent to reports of a Wivelsfield chimney fire which was found to be smoke from a bonfire.

At 9.30pm, crews from Uckfield and Crowborough were sent to a ‘persons reported’ fire call in Crowborough elderly care flats. While the fire was limited to burned food, one elderly lady was treated for smoke inhalation and passed into the care of ambulance personnel.

Crews from Uckfield and Barcombe dealt with a bonfire in Newick on March 20 and the next day teams were called to an Uckfield bonfire.

On March 22 one Uckfield crew extinguished a chimney fire in Herons Ghyll and was then called to make a vehicle safe at a road smash on the Lewes Road, Halland. Teams from Uckfield, Lewes and Barcombe worked together the folowing day to put out a fire in the library roof space at Ringmer Community College.

On March 26 two Uckfield crews cut the male driver free from the wreckage of a car which had collided with a tree at Buckham Hill. Crews took 35 minutes to remove the roof and doors while a paramedic got into the vehicle through the sunroof as the car roof had crushed the driver.

At 11.30pm teenagers had a lucky escape when the car they were driving left the road at the bottom of Bird in Eye Hill, ending up on its side in a ditch with a hedge stopping it from falling in the river. They provided first aid and oxygen to a 17-year-old girl suffering from chest pains and breathing difficulties. On March 31 they attended another two vehicle road collision on the Lewes road at Easons Green.