Boulder will be dragged around Lewes by artist

Lewes news
Lewes news

An artist will drag a boulder around Lewes for a day as part of an extraordinary exhibition inspired by the recession and hopes and dreams of the future.

A book of debts will be burnt in the streets, and seven short films, made by students at Sussex Downs College, will be screened as part of Future Dreaming, conceived by Lewes-based modern artist Guyan Porter.

The tour – which will be launched at The Foundry Gallery in Lewes on Friday, May 30, where it will remain until June 8 – will move on to London, Brighton, Eastbourne and Margate over the following 18 months.

Guyan said: “Xelís de Toro, a Galician writer based in Brighton, will pull a stone through Lewes for a day to leave a line of chalk on the pavement as he goes, drawing a map. The line will create an imaginary link between places in the town while creating a border at the same time.

“British-Iranian artist Alinah Azadeh will perform Burning the Books, her first piece in Lewes, where she has lived for 10 years. She will read from and burn books of debts in a piece about debt, social justice and writing-off the past.”

Lewes artist and producer Mark Hewitt is also taking part in the project. “Mark is working on a video monologue with the intention of sandwiching it between two performances of a song he particularly hates: Aquarius, from the musical Hair. One of the performances will be given by a chorus of children. It will be a remarkable spectacle,” said Guyan.

Guyan will create, at The Foundry, a large cell papered with thousands of letters from companies and lifestyle advertisements promising wealth and luxuries to a tragically vulnerable ‘Mr Robert Holland’.