Boxing Day Hunt in Lewes pulls in huge crowds

LEWES: Boxing Day Hunt meet at Lewes. 26-12-11
LEWES: Boxing Day Hunt meet at Lewes. 26-12-11

THE BOXING Day meet in Lewes attracted thousands of people to the High Street to watch the annual spectacle.

Around 90 horse riders took part, along with supporters and almost 30 hounds.

Huntspeople gathered in Brook Street to unload their horses and then assembled outside the White Hart in the High Street.

Joint secretary of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt Anne Chatterton said the Boxing Day meet had been a tradition in Lewes for at least 70 years and probably a lot longer than that.

She reported the crowds stretched from the bottom of School Hill to County Hall.

The hunt was formed in 1981 by the amalgamation of the Southdown Hunt and the Eridge Hunt.

Trails are set, using the smell of a fox on a sock, attached to a rope, which is then dragged along the ground to simulate the trail of a fox. The hunt then followed these, which took them across the Downs, finishing at 2.30pm.

Anne said: “It was a good day. There was a good turnout and everybody enjoyed it. It’s a good way to get out in the countryside isn’t it?”