Boy, 12, taken to hospital after falling 30 feet in Hastings

A view of West Hill, Hastings... ENGSUS00120130119141634
A view of West Hill, Hastings... ENGSUS00120130119141634

A 12-year-old boy was taken to hospital after he fell 30 feet down a cliff edge on the West Hill in Hastings.

The incident happened around 12.30pm yesterday (Jan 31).

A fire crew from Bohemia Road station attended the scene along with rope rescue teams from Bexhill and Battle fire stations.

Firefighters managed to rescue the boy from a narrow crevice and place him on a stretcher.

An air ambulance landed nearby and doctors from the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service treated the boy at the scene.

He was taken by ambulance to King’s College Hospital in London.

Doug Marshall, watch commander at Bohemia Road fire station, said: “There are some sandstone rocks there.

“The boy slipped in a crevice between the two rock faces. He’s fallen about 30 feet.

“He was conscious.

“We managed to gain access to him from ground level - you can walk around to the bottom of the rocks on a path from the top.

“Access was restricted but we managed to stabilise him and put him on a stretcher before he was treated by paramedics.”

Richard Airey, spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance, said: “The air ambulance landed at the top of the cliffs.
“The boy suffered a potentially serious head injury and was taken by land to King’s College Hospital.

“He was in a semi-conscious condition. Medics on the air ambulance went with him to the hospital.”