BPP study shows how Newhaven could be transformed

AN AMBITIOUS study how Newhaven could be transformed was launched by a multi agency taskforce.

It was funded by government quango the South East Economic Development Agency and carried out by experts BPP Regeneration.

The study recommends what sort of development should take place and where, over a 25 year period. Ideas include bringing the town centre back into use, increasing equipped play spaces and promoting the town as an access point to the South Downs National Park.

It also suggests boosting key employment sectors, such as advanced manufacturing and engineering.

But Newhaven Community Development Association stressed the recession and Government cut backs meant funding remained challenging, from private and public sectors.

Newhaven Mayor Graham Amy said: “We should be aiming in the next 25 years for a town that people want to live in, work in and visit.

“I believe that this Vision from BBP can help us do that.”

The study included flood risk, traffic impact and proposals to transform the town.

Captain Francois Jean of Newhaven Port and Properties explained how the study would link into the port masterplan, which will be launched in the New Year.

The BPP study was offically launched on Tuesday, November 30, with representatives from businesses, town, district and county councils and community groups.

The document is a masterplan providing guidance on how the town could be developed.

Lewes District Coucil chief executive Jenny Rowlands said: “We will want to talk to local people and partners about the priorities for early action.

“As local planning authority for Newhaven, we will also be looking to see which proposals in the report can be carried forward into long term development plans for the town.”