Branch out and plant a sapling in Seaford

Gerry Peachey and Ashley Stephenson. Planting trees with the Rotary Club at Crouch Gardens
Gerry Peachey and Ashley Stephenson. Planting trees with the Rotary Club at Crouch Gardens

Seaford residents are invited to help plant 1,000 trees at Chalvington Fields on November 29.

Along with Seaford Tree Wardens, residents can help plant the saplings, all native species, at different locations in Chalvington Fields.

Keith Blackburn, chair of Seaford Tree Wardens said: “It’s a tough challenge and this will be the largest number of trees we’ve planted in Seaford at a single event.

“But it’s going to be a fun day, and we’re inviting everyone - of all ages - to come along and help out.”

The new, native trees will be planted in carefully selected sites in order to enhance the beauty and wildlife value of Chalvington Fields without detracting from the views and open space.

The event is part of the Tree Council’s National Tree Week and the Big Tree Plant.

If you want to help plant a tree, no experience is needed, and everyone is welcome.

People can go along any time and for as long as they want between 9.30am and 1pm, and 2pm and 4pm.

Meet at the Normansal Park Avenue entrance and take wellies and a spade. Children need to take an adult.

The tree wardens will provide hot drinks and biscuits to keep people going.

Updates will be provided on their website: and on the Seaford Facebook Noticeboard.

Part of the Tree Council’s National Tree Week and the Big Tree Plant, local film maker Chris Conil has made a YouTube video about the project

You can find it by searching on YouTube for ‘Seaford Tree Wardens’.

To find out more, please contact Keith Blackburn on 893172 or / Margery Diamand on 07947 040449 or – or just come along on the day.

A small group of supervised community service workers will be planting on a separate area of the site.

The Big Tree Plant is a campaign to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in England’s towns, cities and neighbourhoods.

Launched by Defra and the Forestry Commission in 2010, The Big Tree Plant is supported by a number of partner organisations and will see a million new trees planted by 2015.

The Seaford Tree Wardens Group is part of a national scheme, founded and co-ordinated by the Tree Council.

They are volunteers, appointed by Seaford Town Council and aim to encourage and support the community to plant and look after trees in streets and public spaces in Seaford.

If you would like to see if you can plant some trees in your street, get in touch with the tree wardens. They try to plant a number of trees in each street – so talk to your neighbours and see if they are interested. They like to involve the community in planting the trees and water the trees for at least the first two years. They have found that able bodied residents are usually happy to plant trees for their less able neighbours.They ask for a minimum of £5 donation per tree, but many people are happy to give more, and if someone cannot afford the donation, they can waive it. Go to