BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Fracking protest camp outside WSCC in Chichester

ANTI-FRACKING campaigners have set up camp outside the headquarters of West Sussex County Council.

The anti-fracking protestors outside WSCC HQ in Chichester.
The anti-fracking protestors outside WSCC HQ in Chichester.

Around 25 protestors are staging a ‘peaceful protest’ outside County Hall in Chichester.

The Frack Free Sussex group said they plan to occupy the lawn in front of the building until at least Monday, when they will submit a statement detailing their concerns to councillors.

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The campaign has been going since yesterday (Saturday, November 16), and more are set to turn up tomorrow morning.

The anti-fracking protestors outside WSCC HQ in Chichester.

‘Peaceful’ Dan is among the members of the group, aged 15-47, all of whom met at the Balcombe protest camp.

Dan said: “We are a collection of individuals who feel that WSCC has failed its constituents miserably.

“They have failed to answer our questions - maybe they will answer us if we occupy their front lawn.

“We will submit our statement to councillors tomorrow. If they choose to sneak inside the Hall, it will show us how they feel.

“This is a country-wide problem but WSCC is failing the people they claim to serve.

“The ultimate question we are asking is, ‘Who do you serve?’”

More than 70 people turned up to the camp on Saturday after a message was placed online.

The campaign is targeted at applications including those to drill for oil and gas at a site between Kirdford and Wisborough Green, which has been submitted by Celtique Energie to WSCC.

An application is also expected for another exploration site in Fernhurst.

Kenny Lloyd, of ‘Truth Ferret Films’, has been at the camp all weekend.

“We are a group of concerned friends and have tried all due processes of democracy and have been ignored.

“We were evicted from Balcombe.

“There could be two wells in West Sussex - Fernhurst and Kirdford - so people should not think they are immune from fracking.

“You should go and look at a fracking site - it is not pleasant.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Sussex Police are aware of a small gathering of people and tents outside the West Sussex County Council buildings.

“It is a peaceful protest taking place on land belonging to the council.

“Officers are dealing with the situation and are in liaison with West Sussex County Council.”