BREAKING NEWS: Five rescued after tide traps group

Two people have been rescued
Two people have been rescued

Five people have been rescued by lifeboat after a group became trapped against the cliffs with the tide coming in.

The Eastbourne inshore lifeboat was called about 2.40pm this afternoon and was sent out to rescue three people.

The group were at the bottom of the cliff between Belle Tout lighthouse and Birling Gap, where water had reached their knees, an RNLI spokesman said.

HM Coastguard at Eastbourne and Birling Gap were also mobilised, along with the rescue helicopter, but were later stood down when the lifeboat went to the scene.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard confirmed that two men were found in the water, and that all five people are now safe and well.

They were brought safely to shore by the lifeboat and are now in the care of the Eastbourne Coastguard.

Four of the five rescued people are believed to be a family.