Bridging the generational gap

Cllr Kim Forward with Rob Tyson, chairman of Hastings Youth Council
Cllr Kim Forward with Rob Tyson, chairman of Hastings Youth Council

Young people and seniors from across Hastings took part in the first ever Hastings Generational Development Conference (HGDC) at the White Rock Hotel.

Attendees included council leader Jeremy Birch and councillor Kim Forward.

Organised by the Hastings Youth Council (HYC) and seniors’ forums, the HGDC looked at confronting stereotypes that applied to both young people and seniors and working together to solve common issues both groups face. The groups also came up with a list of problems across Hastings that they would like to see improved and were asked to give feedback about positive things the council and their community are doing.

Rob Tyson, HYC chairman, said: “The aim of the conference was to encourage Hastings residents to work together to solve inter-generational issues, integrate with one another and provide long-lasting links between consulting and representative groups associated with Hastings Borough Council.

“I think the conference was very successful in this respect as the group came back with many great ideas. Everyone seemed very positive about the conference and I think this will be the first of many inter-generational activities between the Youth Council and seniors’ forums.”