Brownies take a tour of police base in town


A group of Brownies won a chance to tour the Eastbourne Police base in Hammonds Drive and meet sniffer dog Basil.

Police recently ran a children’s competition to design or draw a poster depicting Eastbourne Police in the community.

Many entries were received and three winners were chosen - Amelia Poore aged 10, Beth Higgins, aged 10 and Sophie Lovatt aged seven.

Superintendent Di Roskilly presented the children’s pictures at the entrance hall of Hammonds Drive. As each of the winners came from the 4th Eastbourne Brownies, the children and their leaders were all invited to attend a tour at Hammonds Drive police base.

The children had the opportunity to sit in a variety of police vehicles, learn about the various equipment which is used within the role of a police officer and were given a tour with PC Ted Anderson.

As a surprise for the children, PC Steph Barrett then introduced her sniffer police dog, Basil, as the majority of entries received for the competition featured a police dog.

PC Barrett said, “It was wonderful to see the children’s excited faces when they saw Basil. Many people assume that our police dogs are there to help fight crime, but specialist search dogs like Basil are used for drug, cash and weapon recovery.

“It was lovely to teach the children about the various dogs we have at Sussex Police and Basil especially enjoys meeting his many fans.”

Chief Inspector Steve Biglands said, “It was a real pleasure to receive the Brownies at Hammonds Drive and celebrate their hard work.

“The pictures they have drawn make our reception area a brighter and more welcoming space.”