Brr...aving the sea in New Year Dip supports lifeguards

Seaford Lifeguards raised an impressive £500 by charging into the chilly waters of Seaford Bay last Sunday.

They braved temperatures of 3C in the air while the sea was 11C at the annual event which is one of the group’s biggest fundraisers.

Although donations are still coming in, at this stage the lifeguards estimate they have raised more than £500.

Social and fundraising manager for Seaford Lifeguards Chris Payne said: “It was great we had the lifeboat down.

“We all went in a couple of times and the sea temperature was 11C while outside it was 3C and there was no wind chill so actually it felt a lot warmer than previous years.”

Around 50 spectators cheered the lifeguards on as they charged into the icy waters.

The New Year Dip has been going in the town since 1970.

Money was raised on the day through sponsorship and donations.