Bundle of fur making his way in the world at Drusillas

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Just two short months ago zoo keepers at Drusillas Zoo Park discovered a little bundle of fur. Now the short-clawed otter (pictured) is approaching its two-month birthday.

Just weeks after being born the cuddly creature is eating solid food and chasing the adults for tidbits during the public feeding times.

Proud staff at the Park have been monitoring the pup’s progress in the last eight weeks as it reaches milestone after milestone.

Since it was first found in the nest box, closely guarded by proud parents on August 18, it has started developing its parents’ colouration, opened its eyes and taken its first independent steps.

The otter pup is now spending lots of time playing with its older siblings Nuri, Akira and Koji under the watchful eye of their parents Tara and Jambi.

August The pup is heard vocalising in the nest box for the first time. Asian otters are extremely chatty; it is thought that they have 12 or more different types of call, which they use to keep in contact with each other.

25th August

The tiny pup ventures outside for the first time, before being carried back into the den by Tara after a short while. During these early days, Tara and Jambi spend most of their time in the nest box looking after the pup, only leaving from time to time to gather nesting materials and food.

6th September

The otter pup is starting to spend more time outside the den, carried around by his parents and older siblings Nuri, Akira and Koji.

14th September

The pup is beginning to develop the brown colouration of his parents, with patches of darker markings appearing on his grey coat.

28th September

The baby opens his eyes for the first time, taking his first look at the world.

13th October

Unlucky for some, the baby otter takes a tiny tumble into the pond and is quickly fished out by his parents. The pup is now much more mobile and is being carried around by the adults less and less.


The baby otter is starting to show an interest in solid foods,