Burst water main ruins Bank Holiday in Heathfield

HEATHFIELD families were not the cleanest in Wealden over the Easter holidays.

The four day break was marked by on-off bursts of substantially reduced water supplies followed by a major water main burst just in time to go back to work on Tuesday morning.

From Thursday onwards, residents of Cross in Hand, Broad Oak and Heathfield itself were complaining of trickles of water coming out of cold taps for short periods during each day. And for some the reduced pressure ‘tripped’ boiler controls so what water there was failed to heat up.

A South East Water spokesman said they were alerted to a leaking valve at the High Street and Streatfield Road junction with the High Street on Thursday. The valve was scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday morning. On Saturday there was a burst on a four inch main along Heathfield Road.

As a result, South East Water said, ten properties were affected with either no water or low pressure although local people said many more experienced shortages. The burst on this main was repaired on the same day. On Sunday there was another burst, this time on a three-inch water main close to the Cross in Hand recreation ground, which was repaired later that day.

On Tuesday morning the company was alerted to a burst on a six-inch main along the A267 at Cross in Hand at about 8am.

South East Water says, three properties were without water for a period on the morning but residents further afield said their supplies had been interrupted. Work on the main was carried out on the same day.

A spokesman said: “We are currently investigating why there were three bursts along the mains network in Cross in Hand.

“South East Water apologises for the inconvenience these bursts have caused residents and motorists and thank customers for their patience.”