300 jobs for Burgess Hill is on offer

ABOUT 300 jobs would be created at Burgess Hill by moving workers there from outside the district says a firm on the town’s industrial estate.

Edwards at York Road wants to move its headquarters from Crawley and its testing and prototype base from Shoreham.

A report to district councillors says the changes would mean more than 300 jobs being created.

The firm wants to do a comprehensive refurbishment of its existing buildings and build a two-storey extenstion, with new car parking.

It has told Mid Sussex Council that if approved the scheme would allow the present premises at Burgess Hill to continue to be used for research and development, with other work also being done at the site.

The scheme includes changes to the existing outside car parking, including the creation of a car aprking deck and associated landscaping.

A report from the council’s planning department says: “With the consolidation of the practices of Edwards in Burgess Hill there will be over 300 positions created, providing employment benefits.

“The extension would, therefore, bring a significant benefit to the econmomy and employment to both Burgess Hill and the District as a whole.”

The scheme was approved in July, but was reported back to councillors for a meeting today to clear up the matter of a contribution of £174,843 from the firm.

Councillors have been told the firm appeared to have indicated for the previous meeting that it would like the contribution reduced, but records showed the councillors approved the scheme subject to the full amount being paid.

Councillors are being asked to approve this afternoon a revised £146,000 with the payment tied in with phasing of the amount, and possible further reduction in car parking requirements.

The money would be spent on local transport systems.