Lewes MP launches campaign to promote apprenticeships

Norman Baker
Norman Baker

Lewes MP Norman Baker this week launched the start of a new local jobs campaign which will encourage schools and businesses, with the assistance of the MP, to promote the benefits of apprentices and take them on.

The local campaign is part of a national Lib Dem campaign launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, and is a drive to build on the one million private sector jobs that have already been created with the help of Lib Dems in government by creating one million more.

With a key focus on apprenticeships which provide a wage as well as training for the apprentice, Mr Baker is writing to more than 200 local businesses to encourage those who do not have an apprentice programme to consider implementing one, and for those who have already taken on apprentices to ask for their feedback on how they have found it. More information for businesses can be found on the MP’s new website – www.normanbaker.org.uk

Mr Baker has also written to schools in his constituency to encourage them to promote the benefits of apprenticeships as a means for students to secure training after leaving school, not just for those who may wish to develop a trade, but for those who may want a career in marketing, retail or business administration for instance. Evidence has shown that young people who complete apprenticeships earn on average around £100,000 more over the course of their careers.