Quorum Technologies in Laughton wins Queen’s Award

Mite on the leg of a millipede.
Mite on the leg of a millipede.

The growth and rapid expansion of a local company that started life with four employees in 2001 has been recognised with the receipt of one of Britain’s most prestigious business awards.

Quorum Technologies, in Lewes Road, Laughton, is proud to have won the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

This accolade is the result of an impressive export drive by the company – increasing overseas sales by 72 per cent over three years and selling 92 per cent of its production overseas.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are given for outstanding achievement by UK businesses. The awards are made annually by The Queen, and are only given for the highest levels of excellence.

Quorum manufactures market-leading scientific instruments used for preparing specimens for observation with electron microscopes.

Electron microscopy is a key research tool in almost every area of scientific endeavour, from the fight against cancer and major diseases, through to food safety and the development of advanced microelectronics and new materials. An electron microscope uses an electron beam to illuminate a specimen and produce a magnified image. An EM has greater resolving power than a light microscope and can reveal the structure of smaller objects because electrons have wavelengths about 100,000 times shorter than visible light photons. They can achieve better than 50 pm resolution and magnifications of up to about 10,000,000x.

The thin-film vacuum coating and cryogenic instruments made by Quorum play a vital role in ensuring that the images and data obtained from specimens is fully optimised.

Quorum’s Managing Director Lee Howell says the Queen’s Award is a significant achievement that reflects the drive and commitment of everyone in the company. He said: “We are delighted to have been given this highly prestigious award which is wholly attributable to the focus, dedication and expertise of our workforce.

“The award is not only a huge tribute to the whole company, but also to our global network of distributors who sell and give excellent support to our many customers around the world.”

Quorum – part of the Judges Scientific group of companies – recently relocated to a new, purpose-built £3 million factory and now employs 36 people.