South-East entrepreneurs are third most successful in the UK

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People in the South-East are the third most entrepreneurial in the UK, with average annual profits from their online selling of £36,996.

The Independent research from CollectPlus has found that Brits are selling goods online and via their own websites to earn themselves a wage.

Nearly a third (30%) of online entrepreneurs were driven to start trading online because they wanted a better work life balance.

Whilst for 44%, selling their wares online started as a hobby, for more than half the money they make is now their primary source of income.

Almost three in every five (59%) people that have set up an online business are reliant on the money to make ends meet, with 44% using the profit from their new business to top up their existing income.

46% started selling online because they wanted their own business and the online marketplace gave them the best opportunity to do that.

70% of online entrepreneurs are much happier and a further 71% are more confident.

One in five (20%) began selling online when they were unemployed whilst 11% did so when after being made redundant.

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