Track down nearest pint of Harveys on your phone with new app

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Harveys Brewery in Lewes has launched its first phone app ‘Harveys Beer Finder’ into the iTunes store.

The app is designed to be a guide for consumers wishing to find their nearest pint of Harveys.

The pubs featured are inns and taverns in the region that supply the brewery’s products on a regular basis - so thirsty customers are guaranted they will find a pint of best bitter.

With the Global Positioning System (GPS), the space-based satellite navigation system, tracking the app it can locate the customer then bring up a list of Harveys own or freetrade outlets and how far away they are.

Once the customer has chosen a destination they can then get directions and share their destination via various social media platforms.

Other interesting features include information about the brewery and tasting notes for its range of cask ales.

The concept of the Harveys app was consumer led. The brewery receives many enquiries asking where customers can find their favourite beer. The new phone device allows them to do this more quickly and easily than ever before.

Zoë Prescott, Harveys Online Development Manager, said: “This is Harveys first foray into the app world and we are really pleased with the final product.

“It took us a while to figure out what we wanted from an app, and as always our customers gave us the answer. We hope that Harveys fans find it useful and we are looking forward to future phases which will bring in additional features.”

The app is available and free to download from the iTunes store now and the Android version is currently in development.