Victory for independents as good local businesses promoted in Lewes

B+B brochure launch in Lewes
B+B brochure launch in Lewes

The independent Lewes Town and Country Bed and Breafast Group has hailed victory after a 14-year battle.

Members were told at last week’s launch of the 2014 brochure that it would at last be available at the Lewes Tourist Information Centre in the heart of town.

It was in 1999 that Lewes District Council joined a national ‘Harmonisation Scheme’ whereby visitors would know exactly what to expect from their B&B.

But many proprietors in the area believed the charm lay in the individuality – they didn’t want to all be “like McDonald’s” and they didn’t all have trouser presses.

And so, with a little trepidation, some decided to take a risk and break away from the safety of the TIC umbrella and produce and distribute their own brochure.

Now 15 years later, the colourful guide lists more than 50 attractive venues and the group has 20 ‘Places to Know, Places to Go’ members.

Lewes MP Norman Baker attended the launch at the Town Hall. He said there were some truly significant events in history – Archimedes and his “Eureka!” moment ... the fall of the Berlin Wall ... and the inclusion of the brochure at the TIC.

He said he was delighted the council had relented, describing the brochure as “an essential document for anyone wanting to find a B&B in the area”.

He wished group members a successful year and said they were well positioned with the economy in the South starting to pick up.