West Sussex based driving school thriving

AN award-winning driving school is seeking to increase its team of top instructors as it reports best trading year yet.

Whereas most companies are tightening their belts and reducing their staff levels, Stay Safe driving school has seen a 63% increase in student enquiries over the last 12 months and is looking to grow its team of top driving instructors as demand begins to outstrip supply.

The driving school, well known for its work in the community promoting road safety, won two prestigious business accolades awarded by the West Sussex County Times last year: the ‘Community Contribution’ and ‘Business of the Year – Readers Choice’ awards

Steve Lintott, Crawley fire fighter and founder of Stay Safe, said: “When I created Stay Safe in 2008 I did so because I had seen too many young people involved in serious road traffic accidents where their driving inexperience was clearly at fault. I looked into the driving tuition industry and was shocked to discover that the lessons did not cover every possible driving scenario and only required the basics to be taught in order to pass the test. Beyond this there was no influence or requirement to teach the additional skills necessary.

“With Stay Safe, however, we put strong emphasis on our students’ driving abilities and teach them the potential dangers of the road. This helps to identify the competencies a driver needs to reduce his/her risk of crash involvement.”

A huge increase in demand from students, and the search is now on for a new qualified driving instructor in the Horsham and Crawley area who shares Stay Safe’s important philosophy.

“We are passionate about changing the way that students are taught to drive and an unwavering enthusiasm to promote road safety is paramount to every member of our team,” he added.

For further information please contact Steve Lintott on 0800 999 2500 or email info@staysafedriving.co.uk.