Busy week for Newhaven Lifeboat after helping two vessels

Newhaven Lifeboat
Newhaven Lifeboat

Newhaven Lifeboat came to the rescue of a boat with engine failure and another boat with a broken rudder.

Volunteer crew received a mayday call on Sunday morning (September 14) from a small vessel with one person on board.

The boat had no steering and with an easterly 22 knot wind was in danger of being blown on to rocks.

The lifeboat arrived on scene within minutes and a tow was established pulling the boat into deeper waters.

One of the lifeboat’s crew members boarded the stricken boat and the lifeboat took it back to the safety of Newhaven Harbour.

Coxswain Paul Legendre said: “Any Mayday call is treated very seriously as it means there is a risk to life.

“We will always respond immediately as would any other vessel in the area. It is fortunate on this occasion that this incident didn’t escalate any further.”

The previous week, on Wednesday September 16, the lifeboat was called to help a 16ft vessel which had suffered a fuel loss resulting in engine failure 350 metres from Birling Gap at 6.25pm.

The seas were calm with little wind and the lifeboat established a tow for the boat, which had two people on board.

The volunteer crew took the boat back to Newhaven Harbour to allow for repairs.

The lifeboat was washed down, fuelled and ready for service at 8.30pm.