Call for crackdown on speeding traffic in Malling Hill in Lewes

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LEWES councillor James MacCleary has called on East Sussex County Council to do more to combat speeding on Malling Hill.

The current 30mph speed limit is regularly exceeded and local residents are paying the price, he said.

Cllr MacCleary is in discussions with the County to secure a device that will flash up motorists’ speed if they are exceeding the 30mph limit on the road in the hope that it will slow the traffic.

He said: “I’ve been working on the issue along with local county councillor Rosalyn St Pierre. Speeding traffic on Malling Hill coming in and out of Lewes on the A26 is both a major safety hazard and a quality of life issue for local people.”

He added: “I am working to get a device installed that will flash up drivers’ speed as they pass. The County is currently unwilling to address the traffic issues at Earwig Corner that cause much of the difficulty. I am hopeful that the County will agree to install this device so we can start to really address the serious traffic issues on this road.”