Campaign to ban pavement parking in Seaford

A CAMPAIGN has been launched by a Seaford Mum to ban parking on pavements because of fears children’s lives are at risk.

Carol Edwards, who has four children, said she had to pull her son out of the way, when a car mounted the kerb.

She is urging people to sign her petition, which calls on East Sussex County Council to act.

Mrs Edwards, 40, of Keydale Road, said: “Inconsiderate parking on pavements and grass verges is a major concern to local people and has a particular impact on families with young children in pushchairs who get pushed out to walk on the roads. It is also dangerous for older people and those using wheelchairs.”

Seaford county councillor Carolyn Lambert added: “I strongly support Carol in her campaign and will be going with her to present her petition to East Sussex County Council to ask them to impose a ban on pavement parking across Seaford.

“Apart from the danger to pedestrians, parking on the pavements causes damage which local tax payers then have to pay to repair.”

They will be outside Morrison’s in Seaford on Saturday November 26 at 11am collecting signatures.

The epetition is available to sign on the county council’s website and is on Facebook under ban pavement parking in Seaford.

The petition will be presented to the council on Tuesday December 6.

A county council spokesman said: “At the moment parking on pavements can be considered a “wilful obstruction” and enforced by police.

“It is possible that, after consultation, we could bring in a “no parking on pavements zone” that would be enforced by parking wardens.”