Cancer centre receives £10,000 thanks to charitable gardener from Bishopstone

Rob Moon and Geoff Stonebanks
Rob Moon and Geoff Stonebanks

A charity which looks after people with cancer will receive a £10,000 boost thanks to a series of garden openings at Driftwood in Bishopstone this summer.

Tireless fundraiser Geoff Stonebanks has been raising money for Macmillan Cancer, which is building a new cancer centre in Brighton.

During the Artwave Festival almost 1,000 visitors came through the gates to see 16 artists exhibit. They spent more than £10,000 on art during the festival.

A s£1,000 of home made tea and cakes were sold with the proceeds going to Macmillan.

Visitors donated £540 and spent £870 on raffle tickets, where the prizes were artworks donated by the artists exhibiting.

Geoff said: “I want to thank most sincerely, not only the visitors who came to the garden and helped us reach this target, but the artists who donated prizes for the raffle, the 31 garden owners who opened up their gardens back in July for the trail and the many volunteers who selflessly helped out at all the events, both at Driftwood and elsewhere.

“Without them the achievement of the £10,000 would not have been possible.”

Rob Moon added: “I would like to say a huge thank you to Geoff Stonebanks and his fantastic team of garden owners, artists and helpers for all their hard work over the last few years.

“Their commitment means we are getting closer to ensure that no one in Sussex faces cancer alone.”