Car dealer goes extra mile to help charity

A car dealer went the extra mile to help a charity buy a 4x4 vehicle to help with their vital work.

Yeomans Peugeot dealers based in Bexhill Road were only too happy to help out when SERV volunteer Steve Lucas came knocking on their door.

SERV Sussex provides night time transportation of blood, blood products and other urgent medical items for NHS Hospitals across the county.

The service is provided free of charge to the NHS between the hours of 7pm and 6am, 365 days of the year via a committed team of volunteer riders and drivers often using their own vehicles.

When Steve approached Yeomans general manager Jon Tatnall for help he was given a generous response.

Jon offered Steve two vehicles that had been traded in previously against his showroom cars, an old Peugeot 106 and a Vauxhall Vectra.

Steve did them up and put them through their MOT test.

He then put them on eBay and raised £800.

He came back to Jon with the money and used it to help buy a Ford Ranger 4x4 vehicle at a lower than normal, reduced price.

The vehicle is essential for the SERV blood runners to get around the county during the bad weather of winter.

David Romaine, SERV treasurer, said: “Steve did a great job.

“He went around the garages in the area and asked for help.

“Thankfully Yeomans were only too keen to help out.

“It was really important that we have this vehicle to help us get about the county.

“It’s the first one that we’ve bought for the charity and it’s going to be a vital took for us this winter in getting those blood supplies to those who need them.

“We can also use the vehicle to tow our trailer to fundraising shows and event.”

SERV Sussex is keen to welcome committed volunteers to be riders, drivers, controllers, administrators and fundraisers.

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