Car parking charges could loom on horizon

THE NATIONAL superstore chain looking to redevelop the Quintins centre in Hailsham wants to control the car park currently operated by the district authority and amend terms including to allow car parking charges ‘if required’.

Derbyshire County Council Pension Fund, owners of the Quintins Centre, is allowing a ‘major national supermarket’ to occupy the former Co-Op store, according to a letter by Shirley Karat, director of planning agent Firstplan.

It would be an investment ‘amounting to several million pounds’, she said. Wealden District Council gave consent for the controversial development involving a 1,407sqm store with a new car park deck over the existing northern car park, in January.

Shirley Karat wrote: “The prospective tenant requires control of the car park before they can proceed, so that they can operate it as required (which will be maintained to the highest standards of management and maintenance) – whilst maintaining it as a short term town centre car park for shoppers.

“It is unlikely to change in terms of its operation and will not be subject of any charges but it would allow the operator the ability to amend it if required, if circumstances change or there is abuse of the car park.”

Shirley Karat also said the town council had no objections for the store to have control over the car park and recognised the ‘significant benefits’ of the major retailer moving into the town.