Care home plan change of use

ELIZABETH Care Ltd has put in a ‘change of use’ planning application to convert a residential care home into a ‘house of multiple occupation’ in Bowley Road, Hailsham, including infilling the rear courtyard with a new flat roof.

Wealden District Council is considering whether to give permission for the application submitted for planning consent.

But one neighbour in Bowley Road has objected to the change of use proposal for the site. They feared that traffic would increase leading to a hazard for residents especially with so many small children in the area.

More noise and pollution could also be a problem, they said in a letter to the district authority.

They wrote: “The proposed plan to change from a care home into a house of multiple occupation is completely out of character for this area.

“From viewing the plans I would say this is simply overcrowding a small site in an already over developed area.”