Carpet store in Newhaven open for business after flooding damages stock

Fludes Carpets in Newhaven has now reopened since it was severely flooded in early December.

A ceremony will be held on Saturday March 1 at 10am, with Newhaven mayor Julie Carr officially opening the store at Denton Island.

During the ten week refurbishment, a small area of space was vacated by neighbouring retailer Sussex Beds to allow Fludes Carpets a limited trading area and storage of goods.

Fludes managing director Andy Laird said: “We have been so fortunate to have such hospitable neighbours who helped us immensely with this problem.

“We were able to deal with our regular customers and have easy access to our stocks of carpets and rugs.

“With so much to do, we were very lucky to get people who were committed to get the job done on time.

“Our suppliers and fitters really pulled out all the stops to get us back in business.”

The store has now been transformed into a smart and modern showroom.