Cars parking on footpaths big issue for Hailsham residents

CARS PARKING on footpaths were the number one problem for residents from Hailsham South and West meeting with police.

The latest community priority meeting was held for residents to talk about priorities they wanted police to deal with in their community.

The main issue that came to light was the parking of vehicles on footpaths causing an obstruction to pedestrians along South Road, Diplocks Way and Ersham Road.

Police will patrol these areas and will nowdeal with any offending vehicles.

Sgt Howard Nevil said: “These priorities are set by the local community and we aim to work together with other agencies to come to a solution.

“If a vehicle is deemed to be causing an obstruction officers will firstly warn the driver, and will issue them a fixed penalty notice if they continue to obstruct the footway.”

If you would like to know what the priorities are in your neighbourhood you can see them by going to and putting your postcode in the box provided. This will take you to the local neighbourhood section with relevant information.