Cash boost for Xmas homeless

St John Ambulance’s Hastings Homeless Service has received a financial boost to its outreach services in the town this Christmas.

Local charity Surviving Christmas, which supports vulnerable people in the Hastings and Rother area, has donated £1,500 to the service to further help those who will be sleeping on the streets over the festive period.

As well as providing first aid and primary health care to homeless and vulnerably housed people through its drop-in clinics, St John Ambulance Hastings Homeless Service supports homeless patients in the Conquest Hospital by spending time visiting them and liaising with hospital staff and housing agencies.

This is to ensure a safe and effectively planned discharge with all necessary support and follow-up healthcare is in place.

The donation from Surviving Christmas will be put towards supporting this particular area of work.

Roger Nuttall, nurse coordinator for the Hastings Homeless Service, said: “Homeless people who end up in hospital often have no one to support them while they are there, and they face the potential prospect of being discharged with nowhere to go to, while at the same time recovering from serious illness. The donation from Surviving Christmas will support our work at the Conquest Hospital and will help us make sure homeless patients are discharged to some form of accommodation, as well as continuing to support the patient after discharge until other support agencies are in place to provide longer-term services.”

Ann Andrews, from Surviving Christmas, said: “The work of the St John Ambulance Homeless Service in Hastings is well-known to the Surviving Christmas committee and we are delighted to offer support.

“We know from our guests at Christmas just how important its service is to the community.”

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