Celebrating one year of Boom! in Worthing

Celebrating the first birthday of credit union Boom!Celebrating the first birthday of credit union Boom!
Celebrating the first birthday of credit union Boom!
A credit union which works to access to fair and affordable loans, savings accounts and prepaid cards has celebrated its first birthday.

A team from Boom! Credit Union paid a visit to Worthing Town Centre at South Street Square.

They were celebrating their first birthday with competitions and prizes when they were joined by the town crier, Bob Smytherman, and More Radio Breakfast presenters, Nic and Hailey.

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The members of staff handed out cakes and fizz to passerbys outside their newly renovated shop on 129 Montague Street telling them about opportunities to save and borrow.

Allan Hancock, head of business growth, said: “It was a great week and a fantastic way to celebrate our first birthday. It is really important that local people in West Sussex know about us. It is our aim to take as much business away from high street lenders as we possibly can. We want to help those people who are in a spiral of debt, help to repair their credit history and get them on a path to long term financial inclusion”.

Graham Mayes, a Boom employee, said: “Before I started working for Boom! I approached them for a loan and saw at first hand how they turn lives around. At Boom we have a fantastic team all of whom want to help people get into the saving habit. Did you know that everyone who takes out a loan with us gets to save alongside? o when they finish paying their loan off they get a pot of savings. Boom! Is not for profit too, how brilliant is that?!”

For more information about how to save and borrow, visit www.boomcu.com, call 01903 237221, or pop into the office on 129 Montague Street.

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