Celebration for wood recycling scheme in Bognor

A BUILDING site in Bognor Regis has become the 100th in the country to use a wood recycling scheme.

The milestone in Breyer Group’s links with the National Community Wood Recycling Project was reached in Hampshire Avenue.

The company was presented with a certificate by the project’s managing director, Richard Mehmed, to celebrate the fact.

He said: “Operating this scheme on 100 sites is an incredible achievement and we really congratulate Breyer for working so hard with us to save resources and create work for some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.”

The wood rescued from building sites by the Brighton-based project is re-used in communities, and remanufactured to be used again and recycled in to wood chip.

Paul Harman, Breyer’s health, safety and environmental manager, said: “It’s fantastic we are helping communities to gain such an advantage from our waste.”

Since the partnership began in late 2008, it has seen more than 1,321 tons of wood being recovered from Breyer’s sites.

Almost 32 per cent has been re-used.

The rest became firewood or was recycled in fuel. None was wasted.

It is likely the partnership has led to 13 full-time jobs and more than 2,000 days of volunteering.