Celebrity Gossip, December 10: Len Goodman to bow out of ‘Strictly...’

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Hot gossip

LEN GOODMAN has said that he will bow out of Dancing With The Stars after the next series.

The Strictly Come Dancing head judge also leads the panel for the US version of the show, which means flying across the pond regularly, but has said he needs to cut down on his commitments from next year.

He has already decided not to take part in the next Strictly live tour and will end his stint on the US show after one more series.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I’ve got my wife, I’ve got my son. My mother is still alive - she’s currently in hospital. I’ve had virtually no time to visit her.

“So I need a bit of time off to get on with a normal life. It was either Strictly went or the American one or the tour went. So it was the tour.”

BRADLEY COOPER has revealed that he felt as if the late Navy SEAL he plays in American Sniper possessed his body during filming.

The film, which also stars SIENNA MILLER and was directed by CLINT EASTWOOD, tells the story of expert marksman Chris Kyle and is based on his book, American Sniper: The Autobiography Of The Most Lethal Sniper In US Military History.

Bradley - who spoke with Kyle on the phone at the beginning of the project, before the marksman was killed at a shooting range in Texas - has now told The Hollywood Reporter he felt possessed by him when he made the movie. And he told how important it was for him to meet Kyle’s family in order to pay justice to his memory.

“It was the thing that sort of concretised it for us and really made us both realise just how important a responsibility we had,” he said.

AMANDA HOLDEN has said she feels uncomfortable being labelled as a sexy mum, but is very happy with her new look.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is currently standing in for HOLLY WILLOUGHBY’s maternity leave as the host of This Morning, and has spoken about her changing look over the last year.

She told the Daily Mirror: “I’ve had a lot of positive comments over the past year. I now have a new stylist, and new hair and make-up people. Every now and then it’s good to have a cabinet reshuffle and, similarly, I’ve had a bit of a wardrobe reshuffle.

“I hate saying that, though, because my old team were great and are still my friends. But for whatever reason, I’m getting a lot more comments about my appearance. It is really flattering.”

Amanda revealed: “Embarrassingly, I’ve had lots of MILF comments... God, I feel really uncomfortable saying that! But I let myself down every time it happens.

“One of The X Factor’s Stereo Kicks said something flirty the other day, and I replied by telling him: ‘I could literally be your mother’, in a really sort of nervous/embarrassed/awkward way. I seem to want to slam all that kind of stuff down.”