Celebrity Gossip, December 3: Tarantino - ‘Waltz is master thespian’

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Hot gossip

QUENTIN TARANTINO has hailed CHRISTOPH WALTZ as a “master thespian” as the Austrian double Oscar winner unveiled his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

The actor, who has received Academy Awards for both his roles in Tarantino movies, was overwhelmed by the accolade he never imagined he would receive.

Speaking after he unveiled his star in the pavement in front of Musso & Frank Grill, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, he said: “That really is the moment when you realise it’s not put on, it’s put in, and that is the difference.

“We could walk over it but it will be still there. Usually when you are walked over, you are a little offended or injured, but this is fixed in the ground and it is wonderful.”

CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN has spoken about how she and her husband make an effort to make their marriage work.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter has said in the past that she and husband Kris Thykier faced challenges six years ago when he was based in Hollywood for work and she was still in London.

She told Red magazine how they now make their marriage work: “All I know is that you can have a different marriage with the same man. I think it’s also about growing older and being cosy.

“Working too hard puts a strain on - but we’re still working hard now. We don’t have rules, but we look after each other more. So whoever comes home first normally makes the dinner. It’s just about being nice to each other.”

ANDY SERKIS has confirmed that his voice leads the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Lord Of The Rings and Planet Of The Apes star admitted that it is his voice in the brief footage for the seventh instalment of the sci-fi franchise, which has amassed more than 40 million hits in the 72 hours since it was released.

“I think I can safely confirm that it’s me,” he told the BBC.

MEL B has lent her voice to a fairy in Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast.

The Spice Girl and X Factor judge voices the character of Fury, a “feisty” scout fairy in the Disney animated film.

“Fury kind of suits me,” said Mel. “She does have attitude, my character. It’s like a little mini me!”