Celebrity Gossip, February 13: Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan ‘not impressed by his own body’

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Hot gossip SUS-141118-141638001

He might play fantasy heartthrob Christian Grey and have been voted the world’s Sexiest Man - but JAMIE DORNAN isn’t impressed by his own body.

The Northern Irish actor and model, 32, who stars in Fifty Shades Of Grey with DAKOTA JOHNSON, said he still has a lot of insecurities about himself.

He told the Irish Independent: “I think I am like anyone, I have massive hang-ups about my physical appearance.

“I was a very skinny kid... Now, I’m 32 I have the same insecurities when I was a kid and when I see an image of myself, all I see is this skinny kid and I don’t like it.”

Jamie added: “No matter how many times you get filmed with your top off and the photographers are saying, ‘Oh, you look great, add more oil’, and all that, you have all these things ingrained in your head - insecurities about yourself. All the people in the world saying stuff like this isn’t going to alter that.”

FELICITY JONES has told how she and EDDIE REDMAYNE, her co-star on The Theory Of Everything, both shared something in common - rejection.

The pair play PROFESSOR STEPHEN HAWKING and his wife Jane in the acclaimed movie.

Felicity, 31, told Yahoo: “Eddie and I have spent many years auditioning for film and TV projects together, and being turned down together. And then commiserating together.”

She said she “fought” for her role as Stephen Hawking’s ex-wife - which has landed the actress an Oscar nomination - and added: “But this was the first time we’d worked together.”

Eddie, 33, said that he was perplexed about his new-found celebrity status.

“Does anyone ever feel comfortable in it? Yeah, I am [perplexed]. I’m not going to lie,” he said.

HUGH JACKMAN has revealed he had to brush up on his native accent for his new movie, Chappie.

The Wolverine star had to get reacquainted with the Australian dialect and some slang to play an ex-soldier and engineer in Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi thriller, admitting that using his own accent “was great but weird”.

“I had to practise it because it was way stronger than my natural accent,” the 46-year-old actor said.

“He used a lot of phrases, and I had to end up Googling the slang. Neill was coming up with some really cool sayings. I was trying to think of more, so I ended up Googling some of them.”