Celebrity Gossip, February 17: Will Smith - ‘always somewhat dissatisfied with myself’

WILL SMITH has revealed that he always feels an air of dissatisfaction with his life and career.

Tuesday, 17th February 2015, 7:49 am
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The Hollywood actor, who has starred in Bad Boys, Independence Day and Men In Black, admitted he feels he will never be good enough during an interview with Esquire.

“I’m the type of person who is always going to be somewhat dissatisfied with myself,” he said.

“I’m never going to be smart enough. I’m never going to be a good enough father. I’m never going to be a good enough husband. I’m never going to be a good enough actor for myself. I just never will be, and I have to get comfortable with waking up every day and trying to move some little increment closer to the person I have always dreamed of being.”

Will, who stars in heist drama Focus with MARGOT ROBBIE, added: “It’s excruciating. I always thought there was some place I was going, that there was some success or some achievement or some box-office number that was going to fill the hole. And what I realise is that life is a hole. It’s a process of continually trying to find and reinvent myself.”

JOSH GAD has revealed he said no to doing the Dirty Dancing lift in The Wedding Ringer - because his insurance won’t cover any injuries.

The Frozen actor stars in the comedy alongside comedian KEVIN HART, and one scene sees the pair getting themselves in step to perform a variety of dances, from the waltz and tango to the Dougie, of Teach Me How To Dougie fame.

“They tried to give us 10 dances, but we said we weren’t going to do a sequence from the movie Dirty Dancing. We don’t have enough insurance for the lift,” he explained.

The duo spent days in rehearsals to master the moves.

“We rehearsed for three days. Kevin and I had to do about five or six rehearsals prior to shooting the scene, and it was a little touch-and-go for me, specifically with regard to all the hip-hop dances, which I am not good at,” Josh admitted.

“Some of the dances came naturally to me. Some, like the Dougie, did not. The Dougie took me a lot more time than the Greased Lightning dance, which is more my cup of tea, being a Broadway veteran.”

BEAR GRYLLS has revealed he feels like he goes from hero to zero when he gets home from his adventures.

The TV wildman - who is set to take a group of celebrities on a survival trek in new show Mission Survive - told the Radio Times his kids are not impressed by what he does for a living.

Bear, who has three sons Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry, said: “When you come home, you go from hero to zero very quickly. You’ve been on this great adventure, but all they’re worried about is the school run and, ‘When’s dinner ready?’.”

But the adventurer, who married wife Shara in 2000, said home is still the place he most wants to be.

He said: “I love home. I’ve learnt over the years the value of home. When I’m working, my focus is on getting back to the family in one piece and delivering a great TV show - in that order.

“Ratings are low down on my list of priorities.

“I always take school holidays off work. I don’t do fluff. I don’t go to celebrity parties.”